Vanity Projects is beyond a traditional gallery space. It is an atelier where we present a rigorous video program that spotlight museum quality artists.  Directed by Rita de Alencar Pinto, the program includes collaborations with international curators and artists and performance.

In January 2017 Vanity Projects partnered with Daata Editions, a British foundation dedicated to commissioning video, sound and web-based art. This new, logical and innovative way to collect art is designed as a native platform to a new generation of artists who work with moving image and sound.

Vanity Projects is committed to presenting contemporary video art and this partnership galvanizes their ethos of developing new and innovative platforms to present the medium. Programs from the Daata Archive run concurrent at both salon locations. With both solo and group presentations the content spans a wide area of interests and artists point of view. As a captive audience our goal is to encourage clients to engage in a dialogue with the work presented and each another. All Artworks are available for purchase by visiting Daata Archive's website below. 

Daata Editions second artwork release will be on 4 June 2015. Daata will be at the Media Lounge, LOOP Barcelona, June 4-6. Artworks by: Ilit Azoulay, Helen Benigson, David Blandy, Matt Copson, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala, Lina Lapelyte, Rachel Maclean, Florian Meisenberg, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman, Charles Richardson, Amalia Ulman, Stephen Vitiello, Chloe Wise. LOOP is an independent platform dedicated to foster video art, artists’ films and moving image practices. Every year, LOOP hosts LOOP Barcelona, the main meeting point and highlight for the international video art community. Alongside its main programme, LOOP Barcelona will present BEYOND OBJECTS?, a four day forum on collecting strategies that will question the existence and agency of the Post-Objective Collector, a subject that ties in with the notions of collecting shared by Daata Editions. More information: Direct Sound has supported Daata Editions with headphones and are offering a special 20% discount for purchases through their website with the discount code LOOP. Extract: Takeshi Murata, OM Passenger, 2015 (courtesy the artist and Daata Editions) Takeshi Murata at Kunsthall Stavanger Kunsthall Stavanger (Norway) presents Takeshi Murata's first institutional survey show. The show will focus on Takeshi's innovative and evolving processes, which range from intricate hand-drawn animations, to installations accenting the defects and broken codes of film, advertising and pop culture. Exhibition dates: June 5 - August 5, 2015 More information:

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May 13 - May 29
Takeshi Murata

May 30 - June 19
Tameka Norris

June 20 - July 9
Casey Jane Ellison

July10 - July 30
Charles Richardson

July 31 - August 20
Jacolby Satterwhite

August 21- September 14
Katie Torn


September 15 - October 8
Artie Vierkant

October 9 - November 1
Chloe Wise

November 2 - December 3
Florian Meisenberg