Vanity Projects is beyond a traditional gallery space.  While providing a bespoke nail experience, we offer video art programming aimed at changing the way people perceive and experience the video medium. Directed by Rita de Alencar Pinto, the program includes collaborations with international curators and artists.

In March 2017, Vanity Projects partnered with online art platform Daata Editions. Daata Editions commissions artist video, sound, poetry and web. This new, logical and innovative way to collect art is designed as a native platform to a new generation of artists who work with moving image and sound.

Vanity Projects is committed to presenting contemporary video art and this partnership galvanizes their ethos of developing new and innovative platforms to present the medium. Starting March 25th, 2017, Vanity Projects New York and Miami will run concurrent programs featuring artists in the Daata catalogue. With both solo and group presentations the content spans a wide area of interests and artists point of view.

All Artworks are available for purchase at

March 25th - April 14th  - Scott Reeder
April 15th - May 9th  - Saya Woolfalk
May 10th - June 9th  -  Daata in Venice, a mix tape
June 10th - July 7th  - A GOTH LIFE
July 8th - August 10th- Ed Fornieles
August 10th - September 2nd  - Yung Jake
September 3rd - September 29th  - Jacky Connolly
September 30th - October 29th - Sue de Beer
October 30th - November 17th  - Jeremy Couillard
November 18th - December 3rd  - Zadie Xa
December 4th - January 2nd  - Fluct and Hannah Perry
January 3rd - January 26th  -  Jillian Mayer
January 27th - February 14th  - Rashaad Newsome